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Wisata di Wilayah Malang :

 Wisata Alam

 Wisata Bermain dan Belajar


 Wisata Alam Malang  Wisata Bermain dan Belajar  Adventure di Malang
 Gunung Bromo  Jatim Park 1  Rafting Kasembon
 Bendungan Selorejo  Jatim Park 2  Rafting Songa
 Air Terjun Coban Rondo  Taman Rekreasi Selecta  Paintball
 Kolam Air Panas Cangar  Batu Night Spectacular  Airsoftgun
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Wisata Kuliner


Wisata Belanja

Wisata Kuliner di Malang Trekking Malang Wisata Belanja di Malang
 Bakso President
 Kawah Ijen  Pasar Besar Malang
 Mie Setan  Pulau Sempu  Mall Olimpic Garden
 Rawon Nguling  Gunung Arjuna  Malang Town Square
 Sambal Mbah Jayus  Gunung Semeru  Tanggulangin
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Kabupaten Malang Agro Tourism

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Wisata Agro TawonKabupaten Malang is a town with mild climate and become the one of tourist destination in East Java, abundant water resources and fertile land make this area rich in agricultural and plantation. In addition the rice as the main comodity Kabupaten Malang also developed various agro plantation or that coulde be used as a means of tourism.

  • Apple Agrotourism

Since 1997, manalagi apple (Malus sylvestris Mill) has been set as the icon flora of Kabupaten Malang. Ther are many apple plantation in Kabupaten Malang because teh mild climate us suitable for overgrown this plants. Apple plantation in Malang also has potensial as a recreation place that provide tours apple picking, fresh apple stall and processed product such as apple tonic, apple cider vinegar, juice chips and even cosmetics. Location : Desa Madirejo-Pujon and Pncokusuma Village & Gubugklakah Village-Poncokusumo Sub-District, Distance : +- 29 Km to west Malang And +- 29 Km to east Malang.

  • Wonosari Tea Garden Agrotourism

Vast expanse of tea gardens are situated in an altitude of 950-1250 meters above sea level and offers a panoramic view of the green refreshing cool air pf the montain. Provides a mini train rides to get around tea gardens, playground and swimming pools, halls, inns, restaurant, cafes and souvenir center. Here also provides a lesson of making tea. Location : Wonosari Village – Lawang Sub-District, Distance : +- 23 Km to nort Malang, Admission : Rp. 8000 / Rp. 11.000,- on holiday.

  • “Rimba Raya” Bee Agrotourism

Is a tourist attractions that aimed at providing education to student and general about bee form keeping. The visitor is given an explanation about how to get the realy pure honey even directly taken from its hive. It also provides a variety of bee product such as bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis. Location : Wahidin 8th, Lawang Sub-District, Distance : +- 17 Km to north Malang, Admission : Free.

  • Selorejo’s Orange Agrotourism

The visitors will be spoiled by 240 hectares of orange groves with the cool mountain air, it is very suitable to be used as a leasure destination family, school and university student. Visitors are al lowed to pick an orange and eat it on the spot. And to take home a visitors can get it in an afford able price. The orange varieties include pacitua baby orange, baby java orange and falensia baby orange. Location : Selorejo Village, Dau Sub District, Distance : +- 13 Km to west Malang, Admission : Rp. 10.000,-

  • “Keboen Nogo” Dragonfruit Agrotourism

Dragon fruit needs are increasing more and more because of people realize for its usfulness. Bululawang’s Keboen Nogo cultivate black dragon fruit (Super Red Varieties). Super red dragon fruit has the best nutrinions to help cure a variety of diseases. Super red is also nice to be re-processed into derivative product. Her visitors can enjoy the thrill og dragon fruit picking and also provides dragon fruit sedlings. Location : Koramil 76th Street, Bululawang Sub District, Distance : +- 15 Km to South Malang, Admission : Rp. 35.000,-

  • Chrysanthemum Agrotourism

Chrysanthemum agrotourism can be found in the pride village of kabupaten Malang, village Tourism Poncokusumo. Offers the educational tours chrysanthemum cultivation that is comonly used as an ornamental plant and tradisional medicine. Chrysanthemum agrotourism Pncokusumo are divided into 3 green house hey are seeding, planting and production land. In the production are you will be spoiled with the beuty of the colorfull Chrysanthemum flowers that have bloomed, there are various type of mum flower, spray Chrysanthemum, gelbra, snow queen, etc. Location : Pocokusumo Village, Pocokusumo Sub-Distrist, Distance : +- 30 to east Malang, Admission : Rp. 10.000,-


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